17 8 / 2014

Brought my puppy over to my brother’s house last night. Two of my nieces (Lex & Maiya) kept smelling him and repeating, “He smells like uncle Jeremy!”

Lol, so funny! When Jeremy wakes up. I’ll have to tell him he smells like an 11 pound puppy. If it’s any consolation, our nieces thought he smelled really nice :p

13 8 / 2014

Three of the strangest things about being pregnant:

1. I’ve never met this stranger growing inside my belly. Seriously, who are you? ;)

2. I love a person I’ve never met.

3. If it came down to it, I wouldnt hesitate to give my life to save my little stranger.

11 8 / 2014

I felt my baby move last Wednesday :D

I made good food choices this morning:

Kale smoothie (frozen banana chunks, green tea, kale, and plain Greek yogurt).

Ezekiel whole wheat toast with peanut butter.

Almonds and Brazil nuts.


Prenatal vitamin and fish oil.

Day one of trying to eat well and limit junk for mah bae.

06 8 / 2014

06 8 / 2014

17 weeks pregnant, taking a selfie at work :p

17 weeks pregnant, taking a selfie at work :p

04 8 / 2014

2nd trimester food:

Cereal for breakfast

Cajun chicken pasta and a wunderbar for lunch

Cereal for dinner

Chocolate zucchini cake at Bethannie’s for dessert.

So weird and totally unhealthy. So much for watching my sugars today.

04 8 / 2014

Double date last night, shooting at our friend’s parents’ farm. 12 different guns and hundreds of rounds shot.

My favorite is the AR. Large, easy to hold, and hardly any recoil.

Hardly any mosquitoes, fabulous date night, my husband sure knows how to make me swoon lol.

02 8 / 2014

1. I went off birth control and charted my periods for all of 2013. It turns out I only had 7 periods that year. The time between periods varied greatly and I was able to see a direct correlation between stress from work and the length of time I between periods.

2. I learned that even though I felt like I could handle the work pressure mentally, my body couldn’t. My gynecologist told me I needed to get my stress under control, because even if I got pregnant, my body might not be able to carry a baby to full term. Lots of tears and prayer, because honestly, I want it all.

3. For all of 2013 and 2014, I worked on not beating myself up for not being perfect at work. Because, seriously, I work for God first, and the bank second. I learned to pray my way through stress, instead of obsessing and replaying my short comings. I learned to give it all to God and try to look at everything through biblical perspective. Everything I have and don’t have is because of God. I’m thankful for His provision.

4. I made over $20,000 in bonuses plus a very generous wage in 2013. I got an awesome raise in 2014. I was a leader in the work place. I was constantly picked to help with special projects and implement changes. I was very appreciated and well liked in the work place. My boss was amazing, we had a very honest relationship. I never had to sugar coat anything, I was very comfortable disagreeing and providing different direction to improve our jobs. To see growth, change, make a difference, and success consistently made work addicting and I loved it. I love the challenge and results, however my body was unable to cope.

5. We wanted a family soon. It is easy to say family is more important than work and money, but harder to make sacrifices. My husband said if I couldn’t get my stress levels under control, I should quit my job and focus on my health and our family. It was a heart-breaking discussion, but he was right.

6. I was promoted in February 2014 and got another raise, started my new job in March 2014. Currently ranking in the top 20 underwriters and made bonus my first month. I was able to get my cycles down to 40-something days and I was projecting a 30-something day cycle for my period in April, things were looking hopeful :D

7. We were hopeful, but totally not expecting a pregnancy right away. My period didn’t arrive on the date I calculated. It was a little disheartening, but a 40 day cycle is better than 50-100 plus days between periods.

8. I had pre-period symptoms, usually my period comes after 1-3 days of pre-period symptoms. Well, 5 days passed. Symptoms remained and no period. My body is just weird. I prayed about it, I didn’t want to go crazy and think I’m pregnant every month.

9. I took a test on my husband’s birthday. Forgot about it on the bathroom counter. Saw it while I was getting ready for bed and it was positive. We were in total shock and eternally grateful God has blessed us with our first pregnancy. Called my doctor and they were super excited for me, they wanted me to come in for blood work immediately to confirm and estimate how far along I was. God totally calmed my heart, because work was not as stressful, I have excellent results, and I never worried about a miscarriage.

10. Now, I’m 17 weeks pregnant and so excited for this baby. As of right now, I have the baby and the job. I plan to go back to work after maternity leave, if it is too difficult to balance, I’ll put in my two weeks and quit. All worth it. I also love the way my husband looks when he tells acquaintances that we run into about our pregnancy. I’m so blessed. Thank you for your provision, Jesus

02 7 / 2014

I made a huge mistake in my calculations. 8.8% difference. My moderate finding will be overturned and changed to a material finding.

I want to hide, crawl into bed and cry all day. Because that is how pregnant adult Lana deals with her grown up problems.

All these hormones are also softening up my ligaments, which has given me a sore and out of place tailbone. It’s hurts to walk, sit, and lay on my back.

Besides ALL THAT, life is good and I am blessed to know Jesus as my lord and savior.

25 6 / 2014

I had an intense craving and bought $50 of Mexican candy on Amazon because you can’t get decent ethnic goodies in Sout Dakota.

Hits the spot, so good!!!!!